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Cuisine|'Funa-mori' - 'Ise-ebi'Japanese lobster - Abelone
Cuisine|'Funa-mori' - 'Ise-ebi'Japanese lobster - Abelone
The heart and soul of the cuisine at Tarobe are our local ingredients. With each taste, we are reminded of the local farmers and fishermen who work tirelessly to provide us with these wonderful delicacies, and at Tarobe, we bring together these elements to bring you traditional Japanese cuisine of the highest and freshest quality.

Please enjoy our hand-picked and hand-made dishes in the comfort of our tatami dining area.
舟盛り 伊勢海老 地魚 旬菜 あわび/さざえ
In Tateyama and nearby Minami-Boso, the main attraction is certainly the delicious seafood. The ‘black current’ which sweeps around the tip of the Boso Peninsula makes for perfect fishing, and this really shines through in the rich flavours of our famed local seafood. Our staff make their way down to the local market every morning, to pick up the best of the daily catch - the fruits of the local seas.

Our famous ‘funamori’ dish brings to you all of the flavours of the daily catch in a rich array of delicacies, presented in the style of an old fishing vessel. We aim to ensure that our guests can enjoy the rich variety of our local seafood, and appreciate the delightful textures, consistencies and ‘umami’ flavours.
With the good fortune of having the largest catch of spiny lobster in Japan, our guests can enjoy this premium local shellfish along with others such as abalone and turban shell, prepared and presented in the traditional manner. Our guests can also instruct our chefs as to the style of cooking they prefer.

We pride ourselves on presenting the best traditional and seasonal cuisine, and as well as the delicate ‘umami’ and sweetness in our cuisine, depending on the season, your bitter and spicy taste buds might also be stimulated!
Cuisine|'Funa-mori' - 'Ise-ebi'Japanese lobster - Abelone
会席一例 港直送 ダイニングルーム
Our dining experience has been fashioned over the years on true Japanese hospitality. Please allow our staff to present to you an authentic and unforgettable experience of delicious seasonal food in our atmospheric dining area.

Our vegetables are from local growers, and our fish from the local market. We deliver our cuisine as freshly as possible to our valued guests.

Our dining area is lit to encourage a relaxing dining experience, and our chairs are of a comfortable height to ensure ease of use for all of our guests. The food is delivered straight from our kitchen to your table.

We also have private dining rooms available during the evening. Please enquire with our staff for details.


We can cater for any event, but Karaoke can't be used.
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